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  • What is a "half deck"?
    It's a deck made of 30 cards. It can include up to 2 cards with the same name. Games with half decks are played with 3 prize cards per player.
  • What does "in play" mean?
    Cards "in play" are cards on either side of the field, including your and your opponent's Active Spots and Benches.
  • What is a "Basic Pokémon"?
    They are Pokémon cards that can be put in play immediately. They can be put in the Active Spot when setting up the game, placed in open slots on the Bench, etc.
  • What does "going first" mean?
    It means being the first player to play their turn.
  • What does "Knocked Out" mean?
    A Pokémon is Knocked Out when it has taken damage equal to or higher than its HP and can't do battle anymore. When a Pokémon gets Knocked Out, it gets discarded along with any Energy or Trainer cards that were attached to it.
  • What kind of product is a "Booster Pack"?
    Booster packs are product which contain randomized cards. Two same booster packs might not contain the same cards – some might even contain rare cards!Booster packs are a good way to strengthen your deck. They're also great for collecting, as each type of booster pack features a wide variety of Pokémon cards.
  • Can I discard Energy cards from my hand?
    Unless stated otherwise, a player can't freely discard cards from their hand.When discarding cards from your hand through the effects of attacks, Trainer cards and such, closely follow the instructions written on the card causing the discarding effect.
  • If my Active Pokémon gets Knocked Out during my opponent's turn, when should I send out a new Active Pokémon from the Bench?
    In this case, the Knock Out is confirmed and resolved during the opponent's turn.Knock Out resolution order goes as follows: you discard your Active Pokémon and all cards attached to it, your opponent takes a prize card, then you send out a new Active Pokémon from your Bench. If at this point you cannot send out a new Active Pokémon, you lose instantly.
  • If an attack also does 10 damage to a Benched Pokémon, should Weakness and Resistance be applied for that damage?
    No, Weakness and Resistance are not applied when calculating damage to Benched Pokémon.
  • If I put an Energy into my hand through the effect of a Supporter etc., can I attach it to one of my Pokémon in play during that same turn?
    Yes you can, so long as you haven't already attached an Energy this turn.
  • When an Ability's text specifies "Once during your turn", does that mean I can only use it "once per game", or "once during each of my turns"?
    When an Ability's text says "Once during your turn", it means you can use that effect once during each of your turns, not just once per game.
  • What are the rules for building a deck?
    The rules for deck-building are as follows:1. Your deck needs to contain a specific number of cards. - For a 30-cards half deck: 30 cards, no more, no less. - For a 60-cards standard deck: exactly 60 cards. 2. Your deck must contain at least one Basic Pokémon. 3. There is a limit to how many cards with the same name you can put in your deck: - For a 30-cards deck: 2 cards - For a 60-cards deck: 4 cards 4. There is no limit nor minimum for Basic Energy. 5. If a card has a special rule written on it, that takes priority over the rules above.
  • When a card effect says to "draw 1 card", does it have to be one card from the top of my deck? Or can it be any one card from anywhere in the deck?
    When a card effect says "Draw X cards", you must draw that number of cards from the top of your deck.
  • When does my turn end?
    You can end your turn in two ways:1. Using an attack with your Pokémon. 2. Not using an attack, and instead passing your turn.
  • Do both players' Prize cards remain hidden until they're put into the hand?
    Yes, neither player is allowed to look at their Prize cards until they take them.
  • What happens if I run out of cards in my deck?
    If a player has zero cards left in their deck and is unable to draw a card at the beginning of their turn, that player loses the game.
  • How can I make my Active Pokémon retreat?
    You can retreat your Active Pokémon back to the Bench by discarding Energy attached to it equal to its Retreat Cost. You can't retreat a Pokémon if it doesn't have enough Energy attached, or if you don't have a Benched Pokémon to take its place in the Active Spot.
  • How can I evolve a Pokémon?
    If you have the Pokémon "△◯◇" in play and a Stage 1 or Stage 2 Evolution card in hand that says "Evolves from △◯◇", then you can put that Evolution card on that Pokémon in play to evolve it.
  • Do I take a Prize card when I Knock Out one of my opponent's Benched Pokémon?
    Yes, you do.
  • Do Trainer cards get discarded after they've been used?
    Item cards and Supporter cards get discarded after they've been used. Stadium cards stay in play.


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