Site Terms of Service

Trainers Website Terms of Use

These Terms of Use shall apply to any and all relationships between The Pokémon Company (“Pokémon”) and persons who have applied for account registration in order to use the services (“Services”) provided on the website “Pokémon Trading Card Game Trainers Website” operated by Pokémon (“Site”) and whose applications Pokémon has accepted (“Account”). By registering for an account, it is deemed that you have consented to these Terms of Use. Please read the following contents of the terms carefully and agree to these Terms of Use before application.

Article 1 Minor Users

  1. Minor persons may use the Services only with the consent of their guardian. If a minor person registers for an account and uses the Services after completing the procedures separately specified by Pokémon, it shall be deemed that the guardian has consented to such use.
  2. Pokémon may limit the use of the Account by a minor user for a part of the Services.

Article 2 Contents of the Services

The Services shall include the following services that may be used by the Account:

  1. Viewing information of events and applying for them;
  2. Viewing information such as championship points and rankings;
  3. Other services incidental or related to any of the foregoing.

Article 3 Compensation for the Services

Use of the Services will not result in payment of compensation from the Account to Pokémon. However, the Account shall bear the communication expenses necessary for the Account to use the Services, as well as any travel expenses, etc., for participating in events.

Article 4 Account Registration

  1. Those who wish to register for an account (“Registration Applicant”) shall apply for account registration pursuant to the procedures and conditions separately specified by Pokémon from the account registration page of the Site. Only individuals may apply for account registration.
  2. Registration Applicant will be asked to enter true and accurate data concerning the Registration Applicant on the account registration page and send it to the Site.
  3. Registration shall be once per Registration Applicant. If it is found that the Registration Applicant has been subject to measures such as cancellation of account registration due to acts such as violation of these Terms of Use in the past, or if it is found that the contents entered by the Registration Applicant contain false information, registration may not be accepted.
  4. If there are any changes to the information such as e-mail address registered with Pokémon (“Account Information”), the Account shall promptly notify Pokémon by a method separately designated by Pokémon.

Article 5 External Account

  1. Application for account registration and use of the Services may be conducted by linking accounts (“External Account”) for services other than the Services which are separately specified by Pokémon (“External Services”). When linking with an External Account, the Registration Applicant shall take the linking procedures with the External Account following the procedures specified by Pokémon, and the Account shall log in to the Site using the External Account.
  2. The Registration Applicant shall, when carrying out the linking procedure under the preceding paragraph, consent to Pokémon obtaining and using information concerning the Registration Applicant, registered with the operating company of the External Services (“External Service Information”).
  3. The purpose of use of External Service Information obtained by Pokémon and the handling thereof shall be equivalent to that provided in the succeeding Article.

Article 6 Personal Information

Pokémon’s handling of the personal information of the Registration Applicant and the Account is subject to the following privacy policy:
The privacy policy of Pokémon Group (Official Site of Pocket Monsters) [ ]

Article 7 Intellectual Property Rights

Pokémon owns the copyright of, or the right to license the use of, all content data such as designs, photos, videos, texts, music and sound uploaded to the Services (“Data”). The Account does not acquire any intellectual property rights, claims, or other rights with respect to any contents of the Services, and the Account is strictly prohibited from copying, duplicating, modifying, publishing, displaying, transmitting or distributing Data from the Services. Also, Data may not be used outside of the Services.

Article 8 Responsibility Regarding Use

  1. The Account shall use the Services at its own responsibility.
  2. If the Account causes any damage to Pokémon or a third person by using the Services, the Account shall compensate for such damage at its own responsibility and expense.
  3. The Services contain links to websites or resources operated by third persons outside the Services. Pokémon is not responsible for the contents of such websites or resources. Pokémon will not be responsible for any damage, if any, that the Account incurs by using such websites or resources.

Article 9 Cancellation of Registration

When the Account desires to cancel its account registration, it shall follow the procedures separately designated by Pokémon.

Article 10 Suspension, Change and Termination of Services

  1. Pokémon may suspend the Services without prior announcement to the Account when it has determined that there is an unavoidable reason.
  2. When terminating the Services, Pokémon will make announcement to the Account at least thirty (30) days before termination by posting a notice on the Services. However, when Pokémon has determined that it cannot make such prior announcement due to an unavoidable reason, Pokémon may terminate the Services without prior announcement to the Account notwithstanding the above provision.
  3. Pokémon may change the contents of the Services without prior announcement to the Account.
  4. Pokémon does not bear any responsibility to the Account in the event of any of the preceding paragraphs.

Article 11 Prohibited Acts

  1. In relation to use of the Services by the Account, Pokémon prohibits the following acts both within and outside the Services. Acts outside the Services include, but are not limited to, acts at websites such as social networking sites, blogs and Internet forums, and at event sites and other public places. Pokémon has no obligation to monitor the acts of the Account.
    1. Acts intended to disturb the Services and operations of Pokémon, and other acts that disadvantage Pokémon;
    2. Business activities and acts to earn profit by using the Services;
    3. Acts that infringe honor, credit, rights of privacy and other similar rights of Pokémon or a third person, and acts of pretending to be another person or making people believe that the Account is another person;
    4. Acts of altering information concerning Pokémon or the Services, or information provided through the Services;
    5. False report at the time of account registration, etc.;
    6. Acts of transmitting or writing harmful computer programs or the like;
    7. Acts in violation of public order and morality and other acts in violation of laws and regulations, or acts that may constitute the above acts;
    8. Acts of transferring (including the act of offering for sale on an Internet auction site or a similar place for the purpose of transfer), lending or providing as collateral any prize, premium or the like related to the Services to a third person;
    9. Acts of creating links to sites that infringe copyrights or damage the images of characters, and acts of creating links by reproducing and using works posted in the Services; and
    10. Other acts deemed to be inappropriate by Pokémon.

Article 12 Suspension of Use of Services, Cancellation of Registration and Other Measures

  1. Pokémon may take measures stipulated in the next paragraph without prior notice or demand, if it finds that the Account falls under or is likely to fall under any of the following items:
    1. It has committed any of the prohibited acts under these Terms of Use;
    2. In addition to the preceding item, it has breached any provision of these Terms of Use;
    3. It is found that the Account has been subject to measures such as cancellation of account registration, etc., due to acts such as violation of these Terms of Use in the past;
    4. Pokémon determines that the Account is an inappropriate account;
    5. Pokémon finds that the Account is a person the same as, or related to, another Account that falls under any of the preceding items; and
    6. The Account has not used the Services for a year or longer.
  2. Measures that may be taken by Pokémon based on the determination under the preceding paragraph are listed below (provided, however, that in the event of item (6) of the preceding paragraph, the sixth item below shall be excluded from the measures). Decisions regarding the measures (including a decision to take several measures) shall be made at the discretion of Pokémon. Pokémon has no obligation to take these measures.
    • Warning;
    • Invalidation of championship points;
    • Temporary suspension of use of the Services;
    • Termination of use of the Services;
    • Cancellation of the account registration;
    • Legal measures; and
    • Other measures that Pokémon finds necessary to operate the Services smoothly.
  3. Pokémon will not be responsible to the Account for determinations and measures under the preceding two paragraphs.
  4. If the Account falls under any of the items under paragraph 1, and accordingly, has caused damage to Pokémon, such Account shall compensate Pokémon for the entire amount of the damage.
  5. In addition to the preceding paragraphs, if Pokémon determines that the Account may have suffered damage in any manner due to an unauthorized access, impersonation, acts such as violation of these Terms of Use, Pokémon may temporarily suspend such Account from using the Services for the purpose of preventing occurrence or escalation of damage to the Account. In such an event, although the Account can use the Services again by contacting the support desk by itself, Pokémon will not be responsible to the Account for such suspension.

Article 13 Handling of Information when Canceling the Registration

When an account registration is canceled, the Account Information on the server of the Services will be deleted after a certain period of time has passed regardless of the reason for such cancellation.

Article 14 Transfer of Rights, Etc.

The Account shall not transfer, lend, license the use of, sell, change the ownership of, create a pledge on, provide as collateral or perform a similar act concerning, the right to use the Services and other rights granted to the Account.

Article 15 Amendment to Terms

Pokémon may amend these Terms of Use at its discretion as necessary without approval of the Account. When Pokémon amends these Terms of Use, it shall post an announcement thereof on the Services. The amendment to these Terms of Use shall be effective as at the timing of the announcement on the Services, and thereafter, the conditions on use of the Services by the Account shall be subject to the contents of such amended terms. The Account shall be deemed to have approved such amendment as long as it continues to use the Services.

Article 16 Disclaimer

  1. Unless otherwise stipulated in these Terms of Use or other documents, Pokémon (including its subsidiaries and affiliates; the same shall apply in this Article) will not be responsible for any damage arising from a reason not attributable to Pokémon, any error caused by an irregular situation regardless of whether Pokémon had projected such situation or not, and damage to the Account based on lost earnings or due to a claim for damages from a third person.
  2. Pokémon does not make any warranties regarding the Data, services and functions used in the Services. Pokémon will not be responsible for damage incurred by the Account in using the Services, if any.
  3. When Pokémon has the obligation to give a notice to the Account, Pokémon will be deemed to have performed the obligation by sending a notice to the e-mail address registered in the Account Information in advance unless otherwise stipulated in these Terms of Use.

Article 17 Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Other Matters

  1. These Terms of Use shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  2. Any disputes concerning these Terms of Use shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association (JCAA).
  3. If any provision of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be enforced to the fullest extent possible and the other provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain in full force.
  4. Pokémon may ask the Account for its cooperation by, for example, answering a questionnaire.