Regional League

If you’re confident with your skills playing at nearby card stores, it’s time to step up for the next big stage!

Event Overview

A largescale Pokémon TCG tournament where players from all over the nation gather. Other than the main tournament, there will be side events where you can enjoy Pokémon TCG in various ways. Bring your original deck with your friends, family, and rivals you battle at the card store!

Participation Fee Free
How to Participate Requires advance registration. If participant number exceeds limit, participants will be chosen by lottery.
Participation Requirements Must know Pokémon TCG rules
Must register to the Trainers Website and have a Trainer ID
Side Events Available

What you can get by participating

Top Rank Rewards:
Tournament original playmat

Rewarded Championship Points

Ranking Championship Points (CSP) (# of
1 1000 1
2 800 2
3~4 600 3~4
5~8 400 5~32
9~16 200 33~64
17~32 150 65~128
33~64 100 129~250
65~128 75 251~500
129~256 50 501~800

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