Pokémon Trading Card Game Events

To qualify to participate in “The Pokémon World Championships” where the number 1 player in the world is chosen, you will need to obtain a certain amount of Championship Points by performing well in “official tournaments.”

There are also events catered to beginners and “official tournaments” held at nearby card stores. You can aim for Worlds too!

This is for those who want to get better by participating in tournaments with players of your skill.

Gather Championship Points by performing well in tournaments so you can qualify to participate in “Pokémon World Championships”!

In nearby card stores, you can learn how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and choose to participate in tournaments that fit you.

Official tournaments of the Pokemon Trading Card Game are called “Pokémon Card Game Gyms”, and you can participate in shops with this mark. Click here for more information about the Pokémon Card Game Gym.