Town League

A larger amount of players will participate compared to the weekly gym shop tournaments.

Meet new rivals, hone your skills, and level up to the next stage!

Event Overview

Official tournaments beyond the Town League will reward Championship Points depending on your performance in the tournament.

Top players will qualify to participate in the Regional League.

Participation Fee Depending on the organizer, there may be a participation fee. Please check event overview for details.
How to Participate Requires advance registration. If participant number exceeds limit, participants will be chosen by lottery.
Participation Requirements Must know Pokémon TCG rules
Must register to the Trainers Website and have a Trainer ID
Side Events None

What You Can Get by Participating

Top Rank Rewards:
Tournament original playmat
Priority to participate in the Regional League

Rewarded Championship Points

Ranking Championship Points (CSP) (# of
1 250 1~3
2 200 4~8
3~4 160 9~16
5~8 130 17~32
9~16 100 33~64
17~32 75 65~100
33~64 50 101~

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