About Pokémon TCG Gym

To Players

What Is a Pokémon TCG Gym?

It is an officially certified Pokémon TCG tournament hosted at a nearby store.
It’s a perfect opportunity to learn how to play Pokémon TCG, play against many players with a deck you made, and to increase your skill level in matches.

There is a lot of fun in certified tournaments: not only can you can get special prizes only available here, you can even earn the right to participate in the next level tournament!

To Card Shop Owners

What is a Pokémon Trading Card Game Gym?

It is an official event that is independently organized by stores.
We hope that it can serve as a promotional tool to increase customer satisfaction and store sales.

Advantages of hosting a certified Pokémon TCG tournament

Process of hosting Pokémon TCG Gym

1. Register store

Please apply via the Pokémon TCG Gym registration form

2. After approval, register tournament

Please submit a tournament application of the specified format before the deadline.
After reviewal, necessary prizes and event supplies will be sent to your registered address.

3. Advertise

Your registered event will be searchable on this webiste.

4. Host event

Registration: register customers that arrive on the day of the event and record the number of participants
Run the event: Match participants according to tournament format and organize battles
Award: Hand out participation rewards and rewards for winners

5. Submit report

Please report the results of the tournament using the specified format.

*Details regarding Pokémon TCG will be updated on this site