Detailed Rules

You can download detailed rules for tournaments and decklist sheets.

For Advanced Players

Advanced Player’s Rulebook

This is the Advanced Player’s Rulebook. Compared to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Rules, you can check on more specific rules and card text with this document.
The rules in this Rulebook are guidelines so that all Pokémon TCG players can enjoy a fair game. Please refer to this Rulebook when necessary so that players can proceed with the game with a mutual understanding of the rules.


Attack Resolution Chart


Tournament Rulebook

Floor Rules

There are Floor Rules in Pokémon Card Game Events that people should observe in order for all participants to enjoy the matches comfortably.
Before participating in an Event, please check the rules and observe them so that we can have an enjoyable Event.


Penalty Chart

The penalties mentioned in the Floor Rules are explained in detail along with concrete examples.