Participating in Events

You’ll want to know this before participating in Pokémon TCG tournaments.

Review first and join a tournament!!

First, Make a Trainers Webiste Account

Some tournaments require you to have a Trainers Website ID to participate. Make sure to make a Trainers Website account to get an ID beforehand.

Make a Trainers Website Account Here

Check How to Participate

Certain Pokémon TCG events have certain requirements to participate.

To check participation requirements for each event, search the event using “Event Search” and check the event detail page.

Event Search

Register for Event

Events that require registration will have a “Register Button” on their event detail page.

After carefully reviewing participation requirements such as participation fees, press the “Register Button” to open a link to a form. Fill out the form to register.

Event Search

Check Your League

In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, your league is determined by the date of your birth. There are three types of leagues: Junior, Senior, and Master.

In addition, there is the Open League, which is open to players of all ages.

■League division for the September 1, 2022~ August 31, 2023 season

About the Championship Point System

At official events and recognized events, there are tournaments that reward Championship Points (CSP) for participants with a certain level of performance. Based on the total amount of CSP earned during a set period, players are granted the right to participate in Pokémon World Championships (WCS).

Tournament Event Frequency Tournament Scale Maximum Points
The Pokémon World Championships 2000pt
Championships Once a year 1000-5000 people 1500pt
Regional League 3-5 times a year 500-3000 people 1000pt
Town League 10 to 20 times a year 64 ~ 200 people 250pt